About Us

Jeeva Gluten Free, is a gluten free food establishment in Bangalore. Founded by Jeeva Anna George in November 2013, Jeeva Gluten Free acts as a flag bearer in spreading gluten free lifestyle across the country. With an emphasis on providing gluten free products which are healthy, tasty and affordable, Jeeva Gluten Free is truly changing the way people eat.

As many as 1% of world's population is Celiac and has no cure available. The only way to go ahead is adapt a gluten free lifestyle in one's life. Understanding the problems faced by a person with Celiac disease, Jeeva Gluten Free, initiated its gluten free movement by providing baked products which are completely gluten free. With a completely gluten free menu, Jeeva Gluten Free, is determined to change the food habits of the society.

Jeeva gluten free offers a wide range of gluten free products like Bread, Cakes, Cookies, Brownies, Pizza, Muffins, Burger Buns, Cup Cakes, Toppings, and many more in various flavours which are produced from a completely gluten free kitchen using gluten free ingredients. Operating from Bangalore, Jeeva gluten free also ships their products across South India and various other locations.

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